About Imunexus Therapeutics

Imunexus Therapeutics Ltd (Imunexus) is a biologics company with a unique approach to drug development that is centred around proprietary technology that facilitates rapid, cost-effective, lower risk, generation of therapeutics. Imunexus converts existing monoclonal antibodies (referred to as the parent) into multispecifics that have additional therapeutic utilities relative to the parent antibody. This strategy targets addressable markets with proven therapeutic targets, de-risking both development and commercialisation. Imunexus is applying its unique platform to develop multispecific antibody drug candidates for the treatment of a number of cancer indications, autoimmune diseases and other life-threatening illnesses.


Imunexus ‘Turbo Charges’ existing monoclonal antibodies by combining existing monoclonal antibodies with the Company’s proprietary imunexinsTM modules. Existing monoclonal antibodies include marketed antibodies, clinical stage antibodies, and advanced preclinical antibodies. The imunexinsTM platform allows monospecific antibodies (i.e. they bind to one therapeutic target) to be converted into bi- or trispecific antibodies (i.e. they bind to two or three therapeutic targets). Once the antibodies are converted into multispecific versions with additional therapeutic properties, the potential clinical performance of the antibody is improved, hence “Turbo Charging” the existing antibody drug.


Imunexus is currently focusing on two lead products that deal with serious diseases. One product is a bispecific antibody treatment for small cell lung cancer (SCLC). SCLC is a severe disease with limited treatments and very poor prognosis. Imunexus is also developing a bispecific antibody treatment for colorectal cancer. Colorectal cancer is the third leading cause of cancer-related deaths in men and women with 2 million cases diagnosed per year.